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Without social media marketing, you risk missing out on valuable opportunities to engage and grow your customer base, while your competitors gain a competitive edge in the online sphere. Sea Bright Social helps small businesses elevate their social media influence with expert strategies and actionable advice.

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Sea Bright Social is your go-to destination for all your social media marketing needs. Sea Bright Social specializes in crafting innovative strategies that drive growth, engagement, and success for businesses of all sizes. In today's digital age, social media has become a powerful tool to connect with your audience, build brand awareness, and drive conversions. Sea Bright Social understands the importance of leveraging this potential to help your business shine.

Delivering Success

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, connecting with millions of potential customers is within reach, but success lies in the ability to identify your target audience and tell your brand's story compellingly.

1. Authenticity

I take the time to understand your business, target audience, and goals. Through in-depth research and analysis, Sea Bright Social will identify key insights that form the foundation of your social media strategy.

2. Cutting-Edge Expertise

Through continuous learning and professional development, rest assured you will be provided with the most up-to-date strategies and tactics to achieve your marketing goals.

3. Personalized Attention

Sea Bright Social will bring the social media marketing strategy to life, managing your accounts, curating captivating content, and running targeted campaigns to engage and inspire your audience.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

Sea Bright Social strives for ongoing growth and success by consistently optimizing strategies based on data-driven insights. Through thorough analysis, I identify areas of improvement.


Your Business Potential

Email Marketing

Connect and Convert with Email Marketing Campaigns

Nurture and engage your audience through targeted email campaigns. Email marketing enables you to deliver tailored content, exclusive promotions, and relevant updates directly to your subscribers' inboxes, fostering customer loyalty, and driving conversions.

Social Media Marketing

Expert Social Media Marketing Management

Social media marketing management services are tailored to improve your brand's online impact. This involves a curated strategic plan, crafting engaging content, and implementing effective campaigns across various platforms to boost engagement and expand your audience reach. From content creation to community management, Sea Bright Social is dedicated to ensure your brand's voice resonates, fostering meaningful connections with your audience and driving tangible results.

Content Marketing

Captivate and Convert with Compelling Content

Create compelling and valuable content that resonates with your target audience. By providing relevant information, entertaining stories, or educational materials, content marketing helps build brand authority, increase brand awareness, and customer relationships.

Social Media Advertising

Amplify Your Reach with Social Media Advertising

Boost your online presence and reach a wider audience through targeted advertising campaigns on popular social media platforms. Maximize your brand's visibility and engagement to drive traffic, generate leads, and increase conversions.

Additional Services

A La Carte

Designed to meet the unique needs of your business. From additional social media platforms and extra posts to personalized content creation and extended support hours, choose the services that align with your vision. À La Carte Services are the perfect complement to your existing marketing efforts, allowing you to build a customized strategy that aligns with your unique brand identity and objectives.

Innovative Mastery

Sea Bright Social is deeply committed to assisting businesses like yours in reaching their goals. I thrive on the opportunity to help you achieve various objectives, such as enhancing brand awareness, driving website traffic, and improving customer engagement. Equipped with a wealth of expertise and advanced tools, Sea Bright Social is poised to deliver results.

By gaining a thorough understanding of your specific business objectives, Sea Bright Social will develop customized marketing strategies tailored to your goals, allowing you to measure success every step of the way. With my unwavering support, your business will soar to new heights and thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


A Journey of Trust


Liz is an expert when it comes to social media marketing for your business. She has what it takes to create the perfect marketing strategy and marketing plan for your business. She is also an expert at creating the right advertisement and target audience. I would highly recommend her for all your marketing and advertising needs.


We have had the amazing opportunity to work with Liz over the past year. She has been with us since the very start of our food truck. From creating our social media, email, website, menus, calendars, QR code, koozies, and basically everything marketing - Liz has been our go to girl. We highly recommend her for all your social media, digital marketing needs!


I've been working with Liz for almost 2 years and I'm thrilled with the results. Her expertise in social media has helped me build a strong brand presence across various platforms. She also has assisted us with our electronic signs for our locations. Her creative content and strategic approach has significantly boosted my online visibility and engagement. I'm grateful for her excellent service and highly recommend Liz to anyone looking to elevate their social media game.


I'm going on year 3 with Liz. She has been a big asset in growing my podcast business by creating and managing my YouTube and other social media platforms.  I highly recommend Liz for anyone looking to level up their social media game and expand their business online!

Looking for a custom package or campaign?

Get a personalized solution tailored to your business needs. At Sea Bright Social, I offer custom packages and campaigns designed specifically for you.